Do you have a head for heights? Love buildings old and new? Do you like solving problems, and figuring out how things work?

At Mary Thorburn we’re always on the look out for the right person to join our team. Whilst roofing experience would be great (and we’d love to talk to you), if you have none and are looking for a career change or a new role, and have the commitment to stick with roofing as a career, we have an apprenticeship scheme.

Working on tall buildings is not for the feint of heart. But you won’t be bound to a desk, will have all the fresh air you like, and will learn and apply a raft of traditional skills for working and shaping slate, tile, and lead and come to understand how a roof works. It’s the most essential part of a structure – a house without a functioning roof is uninhabitable after all!

If you’re interested, up for a challenge and are not afraid of hard – at times dirty – work, then send us your CV to